Danielle Walbrandt

Born to Birth Doula Services 




After experiencing two eye-opening births of her own, Danielle became inspired to share her birth stories and the various methods she used throughout her unmedicated labors. Upon sharing those stories, she began to notice common feelings of fear shared amongst women preparing for childbirth. It was then when she realized her true potential to educate and empower women during one of their most vulnerable and magical times. Having always been drawn to helping others, Danielle's educational journey began in 2009 when she received her Bachelor's Degree in Psychology. Recognizing birth as both a sacred and spiritual journey, Danielle finds it incredibly valuable to incorporate her intuition, birth doula training, and personal experience into her doula approach. Childbirth can be spontaneous, unpredictable, and obviously full of life! As a doula, Danielle offers her clients stability, guidance, and support, ensuring that they are fully informed throughout their entire journey.

"I would be honored to support you, and your partner, in creating a birth plan that addresses all of your needs and beliefs. Whether you choose to have your birth at home, a hospital, or in a birth center, I will hold space in the room for you, ensuring that your spiritual needs are met equally as much as your physical needs. Allow me to be your guide through everything pregnancy and childbirth may put in your path."

Sasha Bariffe
Prism Birth Services



I believe that all people should have access to care through their childbearing years no matter their socioeconomic status, gender, race, or physical abilities. I recognize that all people deserve kindness, respect and dignity. I strive to be inclusive and welcoming with the care that I offer, be it to people of color, immigrant peoples, people of all sizes, and the LGBTQ community​.

My interest for birth was piqued when I witnessed a birth in the emergency room. It was so exciting to realize that the birth was happening on its own terms (though the other nurses would have loved to get that patient up to labor and delivery first!). The calling toward birthwork was further solidified when I stood at the side of my sister through her labor and birth. After my own uncomplicated pregnancy and birth, I pursued education to become a birth doula. Doula work helps support the journey I am on toward becoming a midwife.

I am partner to the wonderful Shawn, who has been so awesomely supportive of my birth work. I am proudly mother to two bright eyed, dimple cheeked, goofy children, and stepmom to two lovely young adults.

Gwen Alderks

New Life Birth Services





During her teenage years Gwen became fascinated with birth when her own mother taught childbirth classes out of her childhood home. Together with her husband, they have 8 children and 3 granddaughters.

Gwen has been attending births since 2010 and is DONA-trained as well as seeking certification through the Southwest Technical College Birth Doula course, taught by Dr. Coral Slavin (owner of Well-Rounded Maternity Center).  

Gwen is a Christian and would be blessed to educate, affirm and serve couples in the birth they desire, whether in the hospital or at home. She firmly believes in and trusts the birth process and it would be her honor to serve you!  

Kamahria Hopkins
The Alchemical Mama

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Kam is a graduate of Bebo Mia’s Maternal Support Practitioner program, trained as a fertility, birth and postpartum doula. For most of her adult life, Kam has been interested in all things birth and babies, but it wasn’t until the birth of her son in May 2017 that she decided to take the plunge into the birth world. With the help of her fabulous doula Martha, Kam was able to achieve her goal of an unmedicated, vaginal birth. It is her sincere dream to help other mamas-to-be achieve the birth they envision through evidenced-based information and a little magic.
Kam brings a varied professional background to her doula practice. She is a certified aromatherapist, with special training in the use of oils during and after pregnancy and with young children. She is a trained psychotherapist (unlicensed), holding a Master of Arts degree in Dance/Movement Therapy and Counseling. She uses her counseling background and her certification as an angel card reader to provide life coaching services alongside her doula work.
“Let’s create together – the pregnancy, birth or postpartum period you desire. I believe in your body’s innate wisdom. You were born for this.”

Meet The Birth Doulas

Doulas are listed alphabetically. 

We recommend that you interview several women until you find someone who you feel you 'click' with. 

Mary Manthei 

Mary decided to become a birth doula after hearing many peers tell their stories of disappointment in their childbirth experiences. She had been invested in women's health issues since minoring in Women's Studies at University of Wisconsin-Madison. A few years into parenthood and many hours spent reading anything pregnancy, childbirth, or infant-related she could get her hands on, Mary decided to become part of the process by becoming a birth doula.

Mary, The Labor Lady, is a DONA International certified birth doula who resides in Kenosha, WI. She is also a graphic designer and stay-at-home mother to three children whom she birthed naturally utilizing The Bradley Method. She supports any mother's birth plan wishes from home births to planned cesarean sections.

Mary's goal is to help each and every mother achieve a better birth experience as she defines it. Mary's future plans include teaching childbirth education classes.

Martha Wasserman

Doula Woman LLC




I love my doula work and this is my full-time plus job now.  I am seasoned, spunky and I love this! I am certified by Well Rounded in Milwaukee and by Hypnobabies.  I am DONA trained.  You can choose birth doula, postpartum doula, or the birth-postpartum combination.

Doula Woman is always open: people of all lifestyles, histories, belief-systems and habits welcome. Feel free to bring your issues. 

Doula Experience:  37 Doula Woman services provided in 2017.  Birth doula: VBAC, variety of ages and family situations, women with anxiety, high risk women, plus-size women, long labors, natural births, medically managed births and those with elements of both, short labors, single women, partners fully present, or offering support from afar, long labors, short labors, home-birth, birth center, in-hospital ++.

Postpartum:  premature babies, breast-feeding help, illness, emotional support, mom-baby help, chores, talk-it out, referrals ++.

As a bridge to your care-provider I bring insight from many years working closely with doctors and nurses in-hospital in cardiology.

My doula philosophy: This is your body, your pregnancy, your birth, and then your mothering style. You keep your power and your voice as you create your support circle.

On a personal note I have in-depth experience working with people challenged by mental illness, society
stigma, other issues, and have worked the system hard-core.

Doula Woman perks:  relaxation/mantras, post-partum doulas, Reiki, pre-natal yoga, acupressure, referrals.
Other trainings/certifications: Spinning Babies, Breast-feeding support, childbirth educator, Oils, Inclusivity Training, post-partum trained ICEA, CPR, RDMS, PNYI, formerly a cardiac ultrasound tech.

PLACENTA ENCAPSULATION:  reduced rate for doula clients.

It is a deep honor to be your doula. Call or email to schedule a  free consult. Peace, from Martha at Doula Woman.

Martha Sheahan

Bio coming soon

Stephnie LaFountain

Labor of Love

I have been enthralled with all things childbirth for as long as I can remember. With my first pregnancy in 1999, I recall being absolutely amazed by this thing called pregnancy and reading every book I could get my hands on related to it. Following my first birth I was in awe of what I had just accomplished and what we women are capable of! My mother provided doula support for me in through this birth and for each of my three subsequent births. I somehow intuitively knew that this is how women must have done it since the beginning of time: Women serving other women. This is my heart’s calling.

My outlook on birthing is that it is a natural process, and while in rare circumstances medical intervention is necessary, it is not a “medical” process. I believe women who carry children were made for this and that we can trust our bodies. Every woman has the ability and strength within her to birth a child, and women have been doing so since ancient times.

My job as a doula is to be there for the mother and her partner through this miraculous, amazing experience by sharing knowledge, experience, comfort measures, and support. I have been honored and blessed by the women who have allowed me to participate in their births and I look forward to the many others’ that I will have the honor of serving!