Amanda Silich

Sacred Moment Doula Services


Amanda is a (mostly) stay-at-home mom and has been attending births since 2013. She is a certified Birth Doula through Well Rounded Maternity. When not with her children, she spends her time teaching childbirth education, attending births and operating an essential oil business from home.  She has been married since 2008, has had 3 unmedicated births in a hospital, and has breastfed all of her children past age 1.

“I believe that a woman is most satisfied with her birth experience if she feels unwavering support during labor and delivery.  As a doula, I feel that the support I provide helps the woman make informed choices during the process as well as promote positive feelings about the birth experience even if things went differently that she had hoped.

My Christian faith is a defining part of who I am. When working with other Christians, I love being able to pray together and recite scripture passages to offer strength when faced with the challenges of childbirth.

I consider it an honor to be invited to attend the labor & delivery of a woman and support her as she embarks on this sacred moment in her life.”

Martha Wasserman

Doula Woman LLC


I (Martha) am a certified hypno-doula (HCHD) and Dona trained birth doula. I attend home, birth-
center and hospital births in southeast Wisconsin and northern Illinois. I reside on Milwaukee’s east-
Doula Woman is an open door doula service: women of all lifestyles, histories, belief-systems and
habits are welcome. Feel free to bring your issues. If you have a partner that is beautiful, but I never
replace him or her.
I am seasoned and spunky and love being a doula! As of spring 2016 this is my main job. I left a career
in cardiology to do this. As a bridge to your care-provider I bring insight from many years working
closely with doctors and nurses.

My doula philosophy: This is your body, your pregnancy, and your birth. You keep your power.
I have attended a wide-variety of births.
On a personal note I have in-depth experience working with people challenged by mental illness, society
stigma and relationship dilemmas.
Doula Woman also offers relaxation/mantras, post-partum doulas, Reiki, and yoga.
Other trainings/certifications: Spinning Babies, Breast-feeding support, childbirth educator and post-
partum trained ICEA, CPR, RDMS, PNYI.

It is a deep honor to be your doula. Call or email for a free consult. Peace, from Martha at Doula Woman.

Dawne Withers

Your Doula Dawne


After having an amazing doula experience with the birth of her first son, Dawne knew that she wanted to provide the same kind of nurturing support to other women and couples. She has been a DONA certified labor doula since 2011 and is a Certified Lactation Educator Counselor, (CLEC), as well as Childbirth and Happiest Baby on the Block Educator. 

“I believe that the birth of your child is one of the most memorable moments of a woman’s life. You will always remember the moment when your child is born; that day that you became a mother. It’s my honor as a doula to help you preserve that memory.”

Dawne recently relocated from Los Angeles to Southeast Wisconsin with her amazing husband, two beautiful boys and daughter and enjoys spending time with them exploring their new home.

Dawn Davis
Birth, Babies and Beyond LLC

Dawn has been a Certified Birth and Postpartum Doula for 5 years. She has supported over 80 births and served several dozen families postpartum. She is also a Lamaze Childbirth Educator. Dawn is a Certified Lactation Counselor and a huge breastfeeding advocate. She is an experienced mother of 4 children and resides in Milwaukee. “I feel it is the greatest honor to be asked to serve in the times surrounding birth and help guide families through these transitions. Using my training, certifications and experience as a doula and a mom, I would love to guide you and your partner through your joyous birth.  I will involve your partner every step of the way to ensure he feels comfortable and connected.  I will provide you with experienced hands-on relaxation therapy, a warm presence, and a calm guiding voice alongside you.  I use a personal approach, integrating massage and other comfort measures during your labor to meet your individual needs.”

Gwen Alderks

New Life Birth Services



Gwen became interested in pregnancy and birth during her high school years when her own registered nurse mother taught childbirth education in the basement of her home and went on to “doula” a few young, unwed friends. After completing her college undergrad, Gwen was privileged to attend medical school for 2 years, where she graduated with a B.S. degree in medical illustration (surgical illustration and photography).

Together with her high school sweetheart husband, they have been blessed to birth and raise 8 healthy children: 5 delightful daughters and 3 spunky sons in a Christian home education environment.

Gwen is a DONA-trained and Southwest Technical College certified doula who is honored to compassionately serve couples in the northern Illinois and southeastern Wisconsin areas, whether home, birth center, or hospital birth.

“It is my great privilege and tremendous blessing to get to know, educate and serve so many sweet couples at this most life changing event in their lives. It is my desire that each couple feel empowered with the tools needed to attain the birth they want. After ensuring a healthy mom and baby, the goal I strive for with my clients is a positive birth experience, no matter how each birth unfolds!” 

Melissa Shilling-Kane

Strong Mommas Doula Service



Melissa is a mom of 3 great kids. She decided to become a doula after having a great experience with her doula during the birth of her 3rd baby in 2011. She wanted to help other moms and their partners during such a wonderful time in their lives. She is an advocate for woman to educate themselves and make informed decisions about their pregnancies, labor, deliveries, and their all around health. Her favorite quote for birth is her own "You can this! You will do this! It is what your body was made for."

Mary Manthei 

 Mary decided to become a birth doula in 2014 after hearing many peers tell their stories of disappointment in their childbirth experiences. She had been invested in women's health issues since minoring in Women's Studies at University of Wisconsin-Madison. Mary decided to become part of the process by becoming a birth doula.

 Mary, The Labor Lady, is a DONA International certified birth doula who resides in Kenosha. She is also a graphic designer and stay-at-home mother to two children whom she birthed naturally utilizing The Bradley Method. She supports any mother's birth plan wishes from home births to planned cesarean sections.

Mary's goal is to help each and every mother achieve a better birth experience as she defines it. Mary's future plans include teaching childbirth education classes.

Laura Jansson

Godsib Birth Support

Laura’s a doula, childbirth educator and mother of four. People across Southeast Wisconsin come to her to help them find confidence, information, skills and support as they bring new life into the world.

And she’s been at it a while. She attended her first birth in 2005, certified as a doula in 2008 and received her two-year childbirth educator’s diploma in 2008.

Laura serves families expecting their first baby or their fifth, whether at home, hospital or in a birth center. Many of her clients are those facing some kind of personal challenge, such as first-time mamas, birth trauma survivors, home birthers, VBAC hopefuls, older mothers, people living with anxiety, single mamas, mamas grieving a loss, those outside their home culture, or women whose other supporters misunderstand their desire for a natural birth.

“I can come alongside you as you explore the possibilities of birth... make informed decisions to maximize the safety and comfort of you and your baby... build your confidence and ability to give birth in the way you have chosen... labor and give birth... and become the parent of a new little person! I’d love to meet with you. Give me a call!”

Sharon Tenuta


Sharon has been interested in natural processes of life since a child.  In 1st grade the teacher had the class discuss the fact that this earth was made for us people and we would not be here if it could not support us.  When with child, birth classes were found that would support that belief.  A midwife accompanied Sharon during labor for both children.  Sharon had 1 cesarean section and 1 unmedicated VBAC birth.  Both children were nursed past 18 months. 

 As a retiree from teaching, Sharon has been studying all topics related to birth.  She is currently certified as a HypnoBirth educator and Doula.  She has taken classes on Waterbirth, Spinning Babies, Prenatal Nutrition, Birth Trauma, Breastfeeding, and Body Talk.  She is especially interested in HypnoBirth education, Childbirth Education and Lotus birth.

 “I believe the body was made to birth.  The body and birth need to be trusted.  I believe a mother who knows and trusts herself, and has embraced life and forgiveness, has the great potential for experiencing a gentle birth for herself and her offspring.  I believe involving baby in the growing and birthing process will be beneficial in developing baby’s confidence in utero and start the bonding process of parents and child/children, which could be hope for our world.”  To support women during the spiritual and physical and emotional journey of pregnancy, labor and birth would be a privilege.  

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